Arnette Skylight Goggle – 2014

FOR: Neutral
MSRP: $140
GET IT: $89.96

From the Editors of Snowboard:

Shown here: Arnette’s limited edition Bad Brains Collab goggle.

With the Arnette Skylight goggle, you get nothing but good ol’ fashion clear vision to help you enjoy your day of shred.

There’s no GPS, no laser beams blasting skiers out of your way (although that would be killer) and certainly no connection to the Internet. With its No-BS (Blind Spot) technology you’ll be sure to have maximum peripheral vision on the hill with or without a helmet. It features Arnette’s signature F#%G OFF anti-fog lens coating and Cool Breeze venting system so that your vision never goes stale.

If you’re looking for some solid goggles that Devun Walsh himself endorses for keeping it cool in the backcountry, these are for you.

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