Aspen/Snowmass visits Washington D.C. to tackle climate change

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Aspen/Snowmass is not content with hashtags and viral videos to help bring meaningful change to environmental legislation. Recently Aspen Skiing Company’s Director of Sustainability, Matthew Hamilton made the daunting climb up Capitol Hill to speak with congressional leaders on the importance of real climate policy and how its impact is paramount to the success of not only ski resorts, but the largest businesses in the world as well.

From Aspen/Snowmass:

Aspen Skiing Company’s Matthew Hamilton, Director of Sustainability, recently traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby on Capitol Hill, asking Congress to address the damaging and accelerating impacts of climate change. Hamilton traveled with BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy) an advocacy coalition of businesses including forward thinking companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Burton Snowboards, Nike, Starbucks, VF Corp., and Mars.

“Aspen Skiing Company recognizes that recycling, energy efficiency, and buying local/organic food can only go so far,” says Hamilton. “To ensure our business operates in the long term – while supporting the thousands of additional jobs present in our region that are driven by our tourism based economy – we must take every opportunity to share our story with our elected officials.”

The group of 17 business leaders traveled to Washington D.C. on the heels of a new UN report detailing climate change and met with Senators on both sides of the aisle to discuss climate-related impacts on businesses. Hamilton and his BICEP colleagues discussed the need for stronger policy action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support clean energy choices.

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