Jackson Hole is counting down the days to epic face shots

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The number is 90, the amount of days until Jackson Hole opens up its glorious mountain to the people. From locals biting at the bit to score “local only” turns when the rest of us are working, to the weekend warrior who wades out the lines for that one run they will dream about for the rest of the winter, their lives or until they quit their day job and become a snowboard bum.

To help kick off this glorious event – the one of opening up the tram and watching riders, grinning ear to ear, squeeze on to say they were the first – Jackson Hole launches the hashtag #JHDreaming on instagram to give you the countdown to opening day.

If that’s something you’d be into – you know, glorious shots of deep powder and perfect conditions – and why wouldn’t you be, then head check out @jacksonholemtnrst on instagram then head over to their JH Dreaming page on jacksonhole.com to see a 15 second video of insane faceshots, and a collection of grams tagged #JHDreaming.

Winter is coming!

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