Terje Haakonsen is down for Footprint Insole Technology

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What is under your feet can make or break a full day of snowboarding, skateboarding, or really any day for that matter. Footprint Insole Technology has formulated a solution to minimize the stress your hooves endure from a day of shredding.

It starts with ARTi-LAGE, or Artificial Cartilage Foam, a proprietary material that significantly reduces the energy transfer between surface impact and your foot. Less energy means lower stress, which in turn reduces the chance for injury to both your feet and knees. By molding the insoles to the contour of your foot, they help absorb the impact when you’re trying to stop a trick and keep you fresher for longer.

And if there is anyone that knows about impact energy, Terje Haakonsen definitely has the experience to back it up, along with Dan Brisse and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki.

Check out the full line of Footprint Insole Technology products here.

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