Track your stats & up your game with the SNOCRU App

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If you aren’t already acquainted with the SNOCRU app, let us take a moment to introduce you.

The SNOCRU  crew have created a way for you to keep track of all your on-hill antics — speed, distance & vertical feet traveled, and number of runs taken — and access them with just a touch. This in itself is pretty sweet, but SNOCRU ups the ante, allowing you to team up with friends through the app and keep track of their stats & location as well. Now, at your fingertips, you have the proof to support your bragging rights, or call out your friends when they are abusing theirs.

As if snowboarding wasn’t fun enough already, SNOCRU has gone and kicked it up a notch.

Download the app, tell your friends to do the same, and game on:

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