Travis Rice wins X Games’ Best Male Athlete in Action Sports

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Over the past several weeks, conducted a readers poll if you will to determine who the best male athlete in action sports is, and after five rounds of voting, Travis Rice claimed the victory over Torstein Horgmo 53% to 47%, respectively.

It was a tough road to the top for Travis as he had to conquer some big names in action sports. In the first round Travis beat out professional skier, Sean Pettit, with a whopping 69% of the vote. Chock one up for snowboarding right there!

In round two Travis beat out Nyjah Houston with another large victory capturing 64% of the vote. No easy task as Nyjah is one kick-ass skateboarder.

Round three brought yet another tough matchup against the popular Paul Rodriguez. But after the votes were counted, Travis walked away with another large win capturing 62% of the vote. That’s no easy feat against one of Nike’s premiere action sports athletes.

In the semi-finals, Travis had to face the other Travis of the action sports world, Travis Pastrana, which I considered to be Rice’s toughest matchup of the entire event. Watching the battle across social media was quite entertaining as both men battled it out, promoting themselves in any way possible to make into the finals. In the end Travis Rice would walk away with 52% of the vote, his closest matchup of the event. Kudos to Mr. Pastrana for putting up a worthy battle. Maybe next time…

The finals would be a showdown of two extraordinary snowboarders, Rice and Horgmo, who once again, battled it out across the interwebs to call themselves The Best Male Athlete in Action Sports. In the end it would be Rice who would claim 53% of the vote over Torstein’s 47%. With a total of 18,601 votes cast in the finals, Travis captured a whopping 9859 votes from action sports enthusiasts.

So a tip of the cap to you Mr. Travis Rice for not only dominating our beloved sport and showing us things we thought were never possible. But for dominating everything your name is attached to. Congrats!

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