“The Art of Flight” Premiere Rocks Denver’s Ellie Caulkins Opera House

The chance to experience the Art of Flight in a theater as spectacular as Denver's Ellie Caulkins Opera House is beyond words. The movie was specifically made for this type of venue. A type of venue that boasts 2,200 seats, a screen towering over 2 stories tall and a sound system that could blow your clothes off. This was an event not to be missed.

It was a formal affair; both industry people and fans alike dressed for the occasion. Upon our arrival, Travis Rice, Curt Morgan, Mark Landvik, John Jackson, Bjorn Lienes, Erik Willet and their guests made their way down the red carpet for photos and interviews. You could feel the energy as they entered the opera house.

If you made it to the That's It That's All premiere two years ago at the opera house, you know why this place is special. The opera houses decor is that of royalty. Chandeliers hang from the ceilings while marble floors lay beneath guests feet as they make their way around the galley to check out the amazing photography and artwork that Travis and his crew have been working on to curate what is known as the Asymbol Gallery. It's a collection of photographs and paintings from their travels around the world while filming for The Art of Flight. They come in limited quantities, but if you're a die hard you need to pick up one of these limited edition prints.

aof_operahouse_sotry.jpgThe crowd quickly surrounded the bars as it was a night of celebration. A night that would prove to be one of the best premieres in snowboard history. As the time drew closer and the lights dimmed the crowd cried out with joy as Travis and Curt introduced the riders and team that made The Art of Flight happen. Once they gave their thanks to the crowd the movie began and the crowd showed their support.

Constant screams of awe and appreciation rang out form the balcony and floor as rider after rider put down tricks that can only be summed up as pure perfection. From Landvik's huge shifty front-side 3s to John J's insane spine lines and Travis' banger 3 that ended the flick with Jeremy Jones in utter awe of Travis' riding skills, it is a movie that defines the art of flight. The lights went up with a standing ovation as Travis and Curt thanked the fans once again for their support. It was on to the after party.

Red Bull hooked it up once again and rented out the swanky Chambers Grant Salon below the venue. From the star-filled ceiling to the wood layer floors, marble bar tops and warm lighting, there was no better place for the after party. DJ Vajra put down beats that got the crowd dancing up a storm. Ladies crowded the DJ table and, well to put it lightly, got down. Shit was going off. Riders and fans mixed for a night of stiff drinks and good times. It could have been described as everyone's best night but we can't speak for all in attendance. This was The Art of Flight premiere at Denver's premiere Opera House and everyone knew it.


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