Chris Bradshaw is flossin’ ThirtyTwo outerwear

Comments by Snowboard Magazine/

32bshaw.jpgThirtyTwo welcomes Bear Mountain local, Chris Bradshaw to the outerwear team for 2012!  Bradshaw is known for being one of the most creative snowboarders that rides with a style most would kill for; he’s often imitated but never duplicated – a perfect fit for ThirtyTwo!

Bradshaw has never tried to be anything for anybody – he is who, he is – and that kind of authenticity is inspiring.  He can be seen riding everything from jibs to jumps and all kinds of obscure obstacles in stacks of web video parts, ThirtyTwo’s AMMO, Technine’s State of Mind and Familia.


In the early morning hours a lot of pro shreds are sleeping off hangovers, but Bradshaw is typically up with the sun puffing on a smoke while fly fishing in one of his secret spots.  He’ll catch and release a few lunkers, before you wake up and still score a full day of riding. 

In addition to ThirtyTwo, Chris is supported by several other brands that also believe his personality and commitment to shredding are good for snowboarding including: etnies, Technine, Electric, Neff, JSLV and Bear Mountain. 



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