Mammoth Mayhem: Grenade Games 10 at Mammoth Mountain

Words: Binky

It seems like it was just yesterday when we were on our way to June Mountain for the inaugural Grenade Games, and here we are ten years later. The Grenade Games tour has gone from June after a few seasons of dodging the CHP and Mammoth Cops on 395, to Fat Joe and Seattle/Snowqualamie, Whistler and the Canadians, down to Big Bear, and back full circle to where it all began for a buncha loud mouthed snowboard punks. Mammoth Lakes, CA. The festivities started off Friday night at the new Mammoth Rock N Bowl with a bracket style bowling contest where The General, Danny Kass himself, and his team consisting of pro skater Brayden Szafranski and lil Leo Keilly bagged the top honors and trips to Mexico. It snowed the entire day Friday and then into the night. Needless to say, Grenade Games was a pow day on Saturday. I was quite selfish and decided to enjoy the 40+ inches of fresh and didn’t get too many shred photos, can you blame me? It was truly epic. After an awesome day on hill, which included the Chinese Eyed Downhill and dual Freestyle Slalom, the party made it’s way to the lodge where DJ Young Slade threw down the tracks followed by the Step Forward Lads with Spencer Hawk. They played some awesome tunes as we ended the day on hill and turned up the volume for the evening at the Underground. It was set to be an awesome evening in Mammoth, The Growlers were playing and all the crew was out having a blast.

Dustin Craven was awarded the slopestyle win for his boss hand plants all day, Laura Hadar went home as the Most Radical Babe, and Dustin Craven’s boy Charles White went home with the most radical dude award. He reportedly ate shit while drunk and face planted, resulting in a black eye, broken face, and stapled jaw. I asked Danny for a few words about the most radical dude…

“Charles Clifford White was born in the small town of Canmore on the crest of the candian Rockies. With these stunning mountains and the town of Banff only miles away, it’s easy to see how he could become both a talented snowboarder and drinking enthusiast. It’s deadly combinations like this that produce what we at Grenade consider to be most radical.”

I want to thank Danny, Dingo, Joseph Condorelli, Johnny Lazz (because he’s an animal), and most importantly Janae Twisselman. She is responsible for all of the mayhem over the years and I want to thank her and Danny for introducing me to people like The Game, Wu Tang Clan, Lil Jon, Tony Hawk, Brayden Szafranski and all sorts of amazing people and memories. Can’t believe it’s been 11 years of this. Yeah 11. We did one year ourselves which led to this. Priceless.

All in all Grenade Games 10 at Mammoth Mountain could best be described by the words of Dingo, “GG10 is the hangover from GG9.” The 20 cases of Ole Smoky Moonshine might have helped that situation a bit. Til next year!!!


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