GoPro gets up close with lions, and it’s totally awesome

You saw a few glimpses of the lion whisperer, Kevin Richardson, in GoPro’s latest promo video for the Hero 3+, which was totally unexpected yet totally radical.

Now they’ve released the full video, as the fifth video of the GoPro Adventure series, for us to sit behind a computer and wonder why we aren’t out there getting gnarly with wild animals. Oh, I know why, because it’s a fucking wild lion!

But to be totally honest, I wish I had the balls to hang out with these animals. When they aren’t pouncing on their prey and surviving the plains of Africa, they’re kind of cute. Yeah, I said it, cute! Although, I hate cats…

I may hate cats, but I would chill with these beasts! I may hate cats, but I would chill with these beasts!


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