Mextures, the new iOS app that makes your photos Instabangers


There’s a ton of photo editing apps out there, all of which seem to be about the same. Snapseed is one of our favorites, along with a few others, but we just stumbled upon a new one that got us pretty stoked. It’s called Mextures, and it takes editing to a whole new level.

So what’s different you ask? Well, it boasts all the same things the other apps you use except it takes the process one step further allowing you to use multiple filters in layers (sort of like Photoshop), then allowing you to adjust the opacity and blend options of each layer creating something truly unique. Once you mess around with different filters and blending options, Mextures lets you save the combination creating your very own filter. How sick is that?!

The app comes in at only a buck, so we suggest you download immediately so you can Mextures your photos from Hood, making all your friends stuck at home mad jealous.

Check it out at or in the App Store.


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