Travis Rice’s top Instagrams of 2013

With 2014 kicking into high gear, Travis Rice took the time to reflect back on an epic 2013 with the ultimate #throwbackthursday. Here is a taster of what a year in the life of TRice looks like…

For the full insta-reel, head over to Travis’ blog.


“Just left Jackson pilgrimage to @tordrilloheli initiate!”


“You ever wonder how The Rose Bar in Jackson Hole  @pinkgartertheatre gets their block ice for their infamous punch bowls? #glacierice #shitdontmelt. Thanks @j_brown81 for the pic!”


“Words don’t even come close… @patmoore and I – what a way to start your day. He greased it! Thanks @gwheels for the pic and @tordrilloheli. @thirdedgeheli for making this happen.”


“How we kicked off this year’s #ultranatural event. Proper Canadian Curling!”


“Today was a good day…. Revy Deep @ejackshreds #nippledeep @marklandvik @libtechnologies eagle pass meter of fresh….”


“The Craziest Sun Dog today @jacksonholemtnrst I have ever seen #Nofilter Horizontal line wrapped almost 180 to the North. Reverse half rainbows circles on all 4 sides.”


“Some time it gets cold and lonely in the backcountry #thatswhatfriendsarefor – X Games 2013!”


“#outoforder #tenmonths We Shook The Bear Today. Great trip @Libtechnologies @eaglepassheliskiing @fotomaxizoomdweebie @wedrinkwater @ejackshreds #shakethatbear”


“Today I trained with 2011 World Champion Segway Polo Team. The Flying Fish from Barbados #nextlevel”


“Last month @johnjamun and I were able to go test the new @GoPro Hero 3+ in Chile with @clarkfyans”


“It has begun… First signs of a new season. Snow capped Alps. @unionbindingco #Comocasa”


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