Your personal guide to premiere season 2013

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It’s that time of year again: premiere season 2013 has finally arrived. We’re here to give you the when and where for this season’s top film premieres— world premieres, specifically— so that you don’t miss a beat. *This list will be updated as more world premiere dates are released naturally-fimage Jake Blauvelt Presents: “Naturally” – Date: 9.17.13 – Place: The Oakley Headquarters | Foothills Ranch, CA WATCH THE TEASER
never-not-inpost Nike Snowboarding Presents: Never Not – Date: 9.13.13 – Place: TBA WATCH THE TEASER
livin-inpost Will Film For Food Presents: “Livin'” – Date: 9.14.13 – Place: Snowboard on the Block Film Festival |Denver Colorado WATCH THE TEASER
kbr-premiere-inpost KBR Presents: “Golden Years” – Date: 9.20.13 – Place: Jyväskylä, Finland WATCH THE TEASER
a-way-we-go-premiere Isenseven Presents: “A Way We Go” – Date: 9.14.13 – Place: Kongresshalle, Munich WATCH THE TEASER
shadows-premiere Different Visions Productions (DVP) Presents: “Shadows” – Date: 10.12.13 – Time: 8pm – Place: The Bastard Store | Milan WATCH THE TEASER  
  vg-premierelist Videograss Presents: “The Last Ones” + “Deja Vu” – Date: Saturday, 7.7.13 – Time: 8-11 pm [8-9pm FREE BEER and music by Max Klaw] – Place: Tammany Hall | New York City, NY