Platinum Picks: The 11 best snowboards of 2012/2013

Editor’s Note: These products are from the 2012/13 season. New Platinum Picks are coming soon…

2013 Platinum Picks: Snowboard Boots | Snowboard Bindings

The Platinum Picks is our guide to the newest and most interesting products and best snowboards of the season. It is not a product test, rather a look around the industry to see who is pushing design, materials, fashion and technology. I don’t believe in product tests. How is something that works for me, or a random group of riders supposed to translate into what is right for each of you? I’d much rather tell you about the things that are available and let you decide what’s right for you. Our staff could go out and ride a bunch of new products and tell you what we think rode the best, but what is that going to tell you really?

I may not get a chance to ride at your local resort or wherever you plan on riding this season. Who am I to tell you what the best product is for you? With that, here are our Platinum Picks. It’s a selection of snowboards, boots and bindings made by companies that are pushing the boundaries to bring you better products each year.

– Editor

Burton Harvest

Backed by one of snowboarding’s most talented crews, the team-inspired Harvest is Burton’s Nug board perfected. Read the entire review…

Endeavor B.O.D.

The Endeavor B.O.D. (Board of Directors) has been the front-runner of the brand’s snowboard range for the past 10 years. Read the entire review…

GNU Impossible A.S.S. Pickle Snowboard

Probably not coincidentally, the board engineers at Gnu came up with Asym Sym Sync technology and put it o n a board called the Impossible Pickle. Read the entire review…

K2 Ultra Dream

Have you ever had one of those dreams where everything finally goes your way? Read the entire review…

Lib Tech Phoenix Series Jamie Lynn C3

First there was the Banana, then along came C2 Power Banana. Now, there’s C3 BTX – a camber dominant or “submissive Banana.” Read the entire review…

Nitro Ultimate

The Ultimate is, well, the ultimate in lightweight construction. Read the entire review…

Never Summer Cobra

Threatening a wild cobra may be the last mistake you make on a pilgrimage from Bombay to the southern rim of the Himalayas. Read the entire review…

Ride Machete GT

Ride introduces all-new technology with the release of its Machete GT. Read the entire review…

Salomon Villain Snowboard

A new addition to the Salomon men’s lineup, the Villain is an all-terrain jib board. Read the entire review…

Sims X-Wedge

With waves of new technologies pouring into the industry every season, many being gimmicks, some being useful and very few being original — the X-Wedge with E-Board technology is in a league of its own. Read the entire review…

YES. The Greats

Nine times out of ten, anything to do with “the edge” is horseshit. Read the entire review…


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