Price Points: 5 park boards under $400

The holidays have passed, and gifts have been exchanged, but for those of you who did not exactly end up on Santa’s good list or receive a bonus from the boss, here are 5 park boards sure to fill the empty void in your heart and keep your wallet weighing heavy in your back pocket.


Stepchild Latchkey

There is a reason why the Stepchild Latchkey is at the top of this list so we’ll just get right to it. Composed entirely of poplar wood with a kicker 1 core, this board is uber lightweight and flexible, while still providing responsive control for technical jibbing. The Latchkey also boasts a SnagFree base to ensure smooth transfers onto rails and ledges, and Armadillo fiberglass plates will keep inserts intact upon heavy impact. Good luck quitting this brand.

Price: $328.95


Rome Artifact Rocker

The Rome Artifact Rocker is no ordinary rocker. With camber between the bindings and rockered tails, Rome’s Artifact allows for more balance on grinds and mellow flexing. Don’t be afraid to charge rails and slam wall rides as the Artifact is reinforced with glass impact plates beneath the bindings, along with a 4mm HotRod slotted in the core, primed and ready for seasons of destroying features.

Price: $389.99

Picture 3

Arbor Women’s Cadence

This women’s specific tuned rocker packs a mean punch in the park if you enjoy rotations off kickers, pressing noses on rails and taking mayhem to the rest of the mountain. A true-twin stance lets you switch it up with a natural feel,  and an emphasized rocker between the bindings — with less at the tips — provides float in powder while keeping you confident carving. In true tree hugging style, Arbor tossed the plastic and replaced their topsheet with Power Ply wood to give the board pop and keep it environmentally friendly. To keep spreading the love, the Cadence embraces Rhythm sidewalls for durability and to absorb chatter as 60% recycled steel edges keep the world going round.

Price: $399.95

Picture 2

Ride Kink

It’s all in the name; Ride decked this board out with a Foundation Tuned core blended with multiple lightweight woods to enhance durability, response and stiffness, making this twin rocker ideal for destroying rails. Ride boasts their Slimwall sidewall technology, utilizing urethane to handle impact and smooth out your ride.  While all that jibbing takes its wear and tears on the board,  Kink’s Fusion 1500 Base makes repairs easy, leaving you free to ride another day.

Price: $379.95

Picture 3

Nitro Women’s Spell

If reverse camber gets too sloppy, and standard camber doesn’t bring any forgiveness, then the Fate Zero Camber is the perfect middle ground; the Spell was made to help you push the limits in the park. A true twin shape with a flat profile means a thinner base between your feet for effortless board control, as a fine layer of HD Formula base allows you to reach unmatched speeds.

Price: $379.95


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