Spy unveils its new vintage inspired Crosstown Collection

Check out all the new styles at spyoptic.com/crosstown

CARLSBAD, Calif.— SPY® announced today the launch of its much-anticipated Crosstown Collection—a line of stylish, handmade sunglasses inspired by ’50s and ‘60s fashion, music, Golden State roots and a fondness for The City. The first installment of this limited distribution collection lands this week at approximately 150 key independent specialty retailers nationwide.

"The Crosstown Collection is perhaps the most exciting product launch ever for our brand," explains Brent Sandor, SPY Brand Manager. "It was designed as an exclusive collection with a more fashionable slant for those who appreciate the same inspirations that permeate the collection—classic surfing, the sounds of a good record, vintage automobiles and life in the city. Crosstown essentially connects SPY back to its foundation as a fashion-forward brand that embraced the cultural crossroads of the surf, snow and motorcycle lifestyles."
A focused offering of seven styles, Crosstown is a reinterpretation of classic styling.

raditional shapes ranging from square to round, cat eye to angular, are handcrafted from the finest acetate to create rich, lustrous torts and colors—in both polished gloss and matte finishes—with custom metal detailing. High quality CR39 lenses with an antireflective coating on the inside provide a rich visual experience, optical clarity and protection in the most glaring of situations.

“This collection has its own unique, vintage feel,” says professional surfer Nate Tyler. “The frames fit my kind of vibe perfectly, and same goes for a lot of the other guys in the SPY family—like Joel [Tudor], Darrell [Mathes] and Wade [Goodall], who are choosing their own paths and maintaining their own distinct styles.”

“Crosstown’s styling has a kind of simplicity that I’ve always admired in old sunglasses,” says professional snowboarder Darrell Mathes. “It was pretty much inspired by the style of guys like Nate Tyler, Jared Mell, and Ryan Burch, who love that more timeless look.”

Crosstown is now available in the following styles: Mercer, Burnside, Haight, Yonkers, Fremont, Beachwood and Midtown. The collection will retail between $120 and $160, with polarized options available.

“We worked with a small crew of athletes and fashion-forward advocates with the intent of reinventing ‘classicness’ with our own point of view,” says Michael Marckx, SPY President. “We cut our design team loose to represent what’s happening within the creative ranks of our universe, to make something that they completely groove on, which led to a really unique handmade approach that you can feel and certainly see in the line.

“Crosstown is about leaning backward in order to lean forward, and going from the beach to the city. A subway, a motorcycle, the peel of a wave, skateboard wheels over the sidewalk, a crackling record and laughter—these things echo in the design aesthetic of the whole collection. It is part Miki Dora, part Mickey Mantle, and maybe a little Mickey Dolenz. We are keeping the distribution limited to just key independent specialty retailers."

For more information about SPY, log-on at spyoptic.com and facebook.com/spyoptic.

To see the Crosstown Collection, go to spyoptic.com/crosstown


SPY unveils its New vintage inspired Crosstown Collection

The new Crosstown Collection is a vintage-inspired, hand-constructed premium collection with beautiful tort and colored acetate in matte and gloss finishes. Unique metal styling details and quality lenses blend fashion and function to keep your style on point—no matter the setting or situation you get yourself into. This collection is exclusive to a limited number of specialty stores and boutiques worldwide. Enjoy this s–t. It's legit.



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