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July 15th, 2014

Vote now to help these snowboarders to win an ESPY

Snowboarding is definitely in the mainstream spotlight and after a strong showing for Team USA at the Sochi Olympics, these incredibly talented individuals have been nominated to win an ESPY.

VOTING ENDS ON July 16th 9 PM/ET, so you have to vote as soon as possible to help our snowboarders win an ESPY.

Here’s a pro tip: if you open a “new incognito window” in Google Chrome you can vote for both athletes in a category.


Here are the nominees:

Jamie Anderson: Best Female U.S. Olympian and Best Female Action Sports Athlete
Kelly Clark: Best Female Action Sports Athlete
Kaitlyn Farrington: Best Female U.S. Olympian
Sage Kotsenburg: Best Male U.S. Olympian
Mike Shea: Best Male Athlete with a Disability
Evan Strong: Best Male Athlete with a Disability


July 11th, 2014

New autonomous aerial drone HEXO+ raises over $1,000,000 on Kickstarter

Big mountain bosses Xavier De Le Rue and John Jackson, contest champ Eric Willett and Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson are backing HEXO+, and with good reason. This thing is insane. There is still four more days left on this Kickstarter so if you want to get in on the action, you better hurry.

Click here to visit its Kickstarter page.

From HEXO+:

The autonomous aerial drone, HEXO+, broke the $1 million mark on crowdfunding site Kickstarter on July 8, 2014. Launched less than one month ago, the drone has been tagged as “the ultimate GoPro accessory” and has since attracted almost 2,000 backers.

HEXO+ launched its campaign with an original funding goal of $50,000 and has been releasing increasingly advanced features as it meets each stretch goal. With the accomplishment of $1 million, HEXO+’s design team announced that the drone would undergo a user-based design upgrade.

“One thing we’ve been having a blast doing is interacting with the backers and learning more about what they expect HEXO+ to do,” HEXO+ designers said. “All of the feedback is a treasure for the project, as it helps us shape our system to backer expectations and eventually deliver a product that will be awesome to use.”

Future HEXO+ owners can now expect improved industrial design, user experience and performance, all based on feedback and requests from backers. These new features are added on top of an already extensive features list, including an intuitive directors toolkit, live-view video feedback and easy-to-use setup and framing on a smartphone.

HEXO+ is an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously. Once synced with their smartphones, users can manipulate a live image of the drone’s point-of-view to adjust the distance and angle of the camera. They can also program elaborate camera movements by dragging and dropping commands onto a timeline such as pan, tilt, crab, dolly, arc and 360°. The camera can be set to perform these movements at either a set amount of time, a certain GPS location or a manual action in the app. Once HEXO+ is launched, the result is a series cinematic shots usually made possible only by cranes, dollies and extensive camera gear. But HEXO+ performs without a single tether to the ground.

Those interested can pre-order HEXO+ today on Kickstarter in exchange for a plethora of rewards – from the DIY Kit to Ready to Fly Kits that come equipped with a GoPro camera and exclusive trips with the HEXO+ team to skate, surf, snowboard or whatever backers choose, there are reward options for everyone. Backers will receive the most basic Ready to Fly Kit with the HEXO+ drone, a 2-axis stabilized camera mount, and the app for $599.

July 10th, 2014

Zumiez Presents: The Airblaster Glampster Shredfest at Mt. Hood July 21-23

Love camping? Love Airblaster? Love Mt. Hood? Yeah, we thought so. Head over to The Stash on and earn some points to reserve your spot in one of the greatest outdoor experiences of the the summer, The Airblaster Glampster Shredfest on Mt. Hood from July 21-23. As campground attendee you will have full access to the High Cascade Lap Park, the incredible concrete skatepark at Windells, and get to stuff your face with tons of great food with the Airblaster crew. So head over the The Stash at Zumiez, watch Airblaster’s 2009 production August exclusively on the site, and prepare the camping gear for one wild time in the shadow of Mt. Hood. Remember, you have to earn those points!


From Zumiez:

Zumiez Presents, a series of once-in-lifetime experiences, heads to the mountains with the Airblaster Glampster Shredfest July 21-23 at Mt. Hood. Glampster Shredfest doesn’t say it all for you? It’s a full day of riding and skating at Mt. Hood’s fabled High Cascade and Windells camps sandwiched by two rollicking nights as you join the Airblaster crew’s campground takeover at beautiful Clear Lake. Just bring your boards and an appetite for the best in campfire eats and vibes with Zumiez and Airblaster providing the rest.

Make your July one for the ages by joining Zumiez Stash and using earned points to reserve your spot at the Airblaster Glampster Shredfest. Scout all the details and catch an EXCLUSIVE stream of Airblaster’s classic 2009 flick, August, at the Zumiez Stash site. Zumiez is also also giving away two trips for two lucky winners and a friend from anywhere in the United States to Mt. Hood to jump in on the fun with no purchase necessary.

June 30th, 2014

Team Sports 2014: History will be made at High Cascade


Some argue with the appropriateness of calling snowboarding a sport but on July 2 of Session Two at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Ride Snowboards and K2 Snowboarding will challenge the entire notion of collective collaboration on a twin tip. Introducing Team Sports, Ride and K2′s addition to the competitive spirit.

The concept is simple. There will be two teams, one comprised of K2 pros Jake Kuzyk, Nick Dirks and Johnny Brady, and the other includes Danimals, Derek Lever and Spencer Schubert of Ride. Going head-to-head, the captains are tasked with assembling an entourage of camp shredders with the ability to attack a single jump and downrail with calculated precision.

A total of 56 tricks, 28 on each feature, have been designated for each team to perform to claim victory. Everything from a basic 50-50 to a 540 seatbelt must be executed before a team can be declared the winner, whose names will then be immortalized in the prestigious Team Sports trophy. All summer long, this symbol of snowboarding achievement will be engraved with the select few who are destined to complete the daunting task set before them.

Even if you are not “competing,” hot dogs and good times will be in bountiful supply in the Main Park of High Cascade.

Let the non-competitive (but still pretty competitive) games begin.


June 13th, 2014

Stance Socks knows how to throw one hell of a party

E-Wall and E-Jacks exhibiting a classic picture stance before the party

E-Wall and E-Jacks exhibiting a classic picture stance before the party

Housewarming parties are awesome. It’s a new space, fresh look, good vibes and usually more adult beverages to consume than physically possible. Well those are the parties we’ve been to anyway, so we can only imagine what it was like when Stance Socks cut the ribbon on its new digs in San Clemente, CA. Rather than a shitty sound system from Craigslist, the band Capital Cities supplied the tunes. Instead of your friend with the best one-liners, Blake Anderson of Comedy Central’s Workaholics made you piss your pants laughing. And in lieu of posters of your favorite snowboarders adorning the wall, Eddie Wall and Eric Jackson took shots of tequila with you. Even pro skater Nyjah Huston snaked you in line to get a drink.

This was one hell of a party.

Stance Socks’s new home is complete with an indoor skate bowl, regulation sized basketball court and a state of the art indoor gym, basically making it the Google of the action sports industry. All in all, this was a night to commemorate more than just a brand that makes socks, it brought together an amazingly diverse group of individuals all to celebrate a lifestyle in board sports. For all we know TMZ was covering it. Check out the full recap below.

These Capitol Cities are ones that you would actually care about

These Capitol Cities are ones that you would actually care about.

From Stance:

What: Stance, the leader in the sock revolution opened its doors to its headquarters located in Orange County, California. The new space includes an indoor skate bowl, regulation sized basketball court and a state of the art indoor gym. The outdoor lounge area provided food from Waff N’ Roll, The Green Truck, The Grilled Cheese Truck, The Burnt Truck with sweets from Longboard Ice Cream as well as sponsored bars from Ole Smoky Moonshine and Pizza Port Brewing Company. Guests browsed art exhibits featuring Stance’s “Punks & Poets”, enjoyed photo booth ops, bowling, ping pong, skateboarding sessions, and a golf simulator. To top it off, party-goers were entertained by live performances from Capital Cities, The Bots, Joshua Payne and DJ Reflex. Capital Cities ended the night with a bang by getting the crowd to partake in crowd surfs.

Follow @UncleBlazer on Twitter, trust us, you need to. And @ChippaWilson, he's a pro surfer, rad dude.

Follow @UncleBlazer on Twitter, trust us, you need to. And @ChippaWilson, he’s a pro surfer, rad dude.

The Who’s Who: Leading indie electro group Capital Cities, Comedy Central’s Blake Anderson, and pro surfer Chippa Wilson all came out to check out Stance’s new headquarters. They were joined by pro skateboarder’s Alex Midler, Theotis Beasley and Nyjah Huston, professional surfer’s Luke Davis and Koa Rothman, NBA all – star’s Chandler Parson’s and Andre Drummond, professional snowboarder Eddie Wall and many more. Top models, influencers and bloggers from the fashion industry were also present such as Hanne Gaby Odiele, Langley Fox, Cheyenne Tozzi, and Jenn Hawkin. Other musical acts included rock bandDorothy and Joshua Payne Orchestra.

Being Nyjah Huston has its perks.

Being Nyjah Huston has its perks.

June 6th, 2014

The Beastie Boys sue Monster Energy for $1.7 million


In legal news, the Beastie Boys have sued energy drink giant Monster Energy for copyright infringement and false endorsement after a snowboarding edit that included Beastie Boys songs “Sabotage,” “Pass the Mic,” “Make Some Noise,” “So What’cha Want” and “Looking Down the Barrel Of a Gun,” as well as a “RIP MCA” endcard stylized with Monster’s logo. All of the songs were compiled in a mix by DJ Z-Trip, who then gave Monster permission to use in the recap video for Ruckus in the Rockies, for which the surviving Beastie Boys Adam “Ad Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond sued for $2 million — an amount Monster dismissed as “excessive.”

The jury awarded the Ad Rock and Mike D $1.7 million total for copyright infringement and unauthorized promotional use of Adam Yauch’s name, which was strictly stated in the late MCA’s will. Basically the Beasties claimed that Monster could make some cash off of all of this without asking if it’s cool, which it most certainly isn’t. Bottom line, fight for your right, yo.

June 3rd, 2014

Big air and team SBX proposed for 2018 Olympics

Torstein Horgmo would definitely benefit from Olympic Big Air. Photo: Tim Peare

Torstein Horgmo would definitely benefit from Olympic Big Air. Photo: Tim Peare

Despite all of the controversy that surrounded the addition of slopestyle to Sochi 2014, there is little doubt that the discipline’s inclusion to the games was a great thing for snowboarding. It is vital that the general public has a encompassing understanding of what is included in the sport, and therefore necessary to give big air and team SBX an opportunity for representation at the Olympic Games. The United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) has proposed to the International Ski Federation (FIS) that each event be added to the list of snowboard disciplines for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics — that’s South Korea, by the way. USSA hopes the success of slopestyle in Sochi will help push the FIS to come to the right decision, which the Snowboard Committee of the organization is already in favor of. Bottom line, each of these events will provide a boost to the viewership of the 2018 Olympics and they need to be included to encourage the growth of snowboarding. Let’s just hope the FIS has the vision to realize that.

Here’s what slopestyle Gold-Medalist Sage Kotsenburg had to say about it:
As we have all seen with the addition of halfpipe into the Olympics, it became a viewer favorite. When slopestyle was added, it was also one of the favorites with the third most streams of the entire games and one of the most watched sports. With big air, it would bring even more snowboarding to the world and, if we do it right it, would benefit snowboarding and the Olympics.

The FIS will be making its decision between now and June 6, here is the formal proposal from USSA to the FIS Congress:
The inclusion of snowboarding has provided FIS and its National Ski and Snowboard Associations with a youth-oriented, innovative platform which has led to exciting new Olympic events, attracted new competitors and inspired new participants, and provided valuable new opportunities for sponsors, organizers, and media partners. It has also delivered high numbers of spectators and TV viewers – particularly at the Olympic Games – and has provided strong exposure to winter sports to a young audience.

Snowboarding defines itself through progression, and FIS has been a leader in establishing the most progressive events in its World Championships and, ultimately, the Olympic Games. This has added to the FIS brand, and established it as an innovative, youth-oriented international federation, which has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee as well as the media in the mission to adapt the Olympic program to be relevant to today’s youth and markets.

Snowboarding continues to progress, with events like big air and team SBX, which have been well- received by athletes, organizers, spectators and media. Team SBX has provided a true national team event, which is lacking in the sport at the Olympic level. And Big Air has been a spectacular centerpiece to the World Championship since 2003.

We respectfully request that FIS continue to foster the progression of snowboarding, and formally request to the International Olympic Committee the inclusion of snowboarding’s most relevant events in terms of youth, media, broadcast, commercial and spectator interest into the Olympic Games.

June 2nd, 2014

Rick Alden of Wasatch Equality goes snowboarding at Alta

As you may know, there is a heavy legal battle raging between Wasatch Equality and Alta Ski Resort to end the ban that prevents snowboarders from riding the resort’s lifts. The points to refute Alta’s argument are overwhelming and yet the resort has managed to file Motion to Dismiss against the case, to which Wasatch Equality has crafted a 53-page response to back its claim. Here Rick Alden of Wasatch Equality goes over what the Alta experience is like for snowboarders and provides further evidence for its archaic mindset and attitudes towards snowboarders.

Bjorn Leines interview coming soon…

From Wasatch Equality’s YouTube:


In the early days of snowboarding, Alta Ski Area was one of the first resorts to open its lifts to young riders, but complaints against snowboarding and popular opinion at the time lead Alta management to ban the sport indefinitely.

Now, more than three decades later, Alta Ski Area is one of the only resorts in the country still refusing to accommodate the snowboard community, and the only resort doing so on public land.

Join Wasatch Equality in fighting to overturn Alta’s snowboarding ban.

June 2nd, 2014

These awesome companies are sponsoring the Frendly Gathering

Bands, brews and buds. What more could you want?

Bands, brews and buds. What more could you want?

The team at The Frendly Gathering Music Festival, led by pro snowboarders Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis, announced today its roster of event partners for the fourth annual event, taking place June 27-28 at Timber Ridge in Windham, Vermont. The Festival is presented by Burton Snowboards, who returns for its second year as presenters. Exclusive partners include Martin GuitarsBen & Jerry’s and GoPro. Additional supporters include KINDKlean Kanteenlululemon and Love Your Brain.

Tucked away in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, the fourth annual Frendly Gathering will be held at Timber Ridge, located in Windham. One of New England’s premier music festivals, The Frendly Gathering features a lineup of 30 musical acts ranging from rock and roll and bluegrass to folk, jam and electronic, combined with camping, yoga, skateboarding, hiking, inspiration and a big dose of “Frendship.” The event will be held June 27 and 28, with early arrival tickets available on June 26.

Burton Snowboards, the presenting sponsor of the event and longtime sponsor of Davis and Mitrani’s pro snowboarding careers, will provide festival goers with exclusive Burton giveaways and experiences. The first 250 festival goers who arrive early on Thursday, June 26 will receive a free Spring/Summer ‘14 Beeracuda, the company’s currently sold-out over-the-shoulder drink cooler. In addition, Burton’s Base Camp Tee Pee is the center for impromptu jam sessions, DIY crafts and cool games with more chances to win Burton gear.

Ben & Jerry’s will offer cups of free ice cream for festival goers throughout the weekend, and will host a photo booth to celebrate its No GMO campaign as the company transitions to non-GMO ingredient sources. Martin Guitars, makers of handcrafted acoustic guitars, will host jam sessions under the Martin tent and music-minded attendees will have the opportunity to win a customized Frendly Gathering Martin Collaboration guitar. Both Davis and Mitrani are official Martin Ambassadors.

Festival goers will also have the opportunity to browse product displays and samples on-site provided by GoPro, KIND snacks, Kleen Kanteen and Love Your Brain, the latter created by fellow Frendly Crew member and snowboarder Kevin Pearce. Lulu Lemon will support the Festival’s daily yoga sessions and provide yoga mats for attendees.

For the complete Frendly Gathering Music Festival schedule, including music lineup, camping details and ticket information, visit

May 30th, 2014

Earn college credit this summer snowboarding in Argentina with SASS Global Travel and Sierra Nevada College

Let’s talk about one of the coolest ways to earn college credit this summer, ever. Through Sierra Nevada College and SASS Global Travel, students from any university can chase winter to the heart of the Argentinian Andes to take Freeriding 101 and avalanche safety courses, all taught by SNC faculty and coached by professionals. Yes, we’re saying the mountains are your classroom. From August 2-16, 2014, students stay on the SASS Argentina campus at Catedral Alta Patagonia, South America’s largest resort and learn from pro riders like Andrew Burns, Chris Coulter, Hana Beaman and a full coaching staff while getting diploma points and a complete Argentinian experience. Ditch the laptop, strap on your board instead. Get the full scoop below.


Press release from Sierra Nevada College and SASS Global Travel:

Students from any college can enroll and earn college credit this summer snowboarding while receiving internationally recognized certificates from the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), led by the region’s foremost avalanche scientists and educators. Taking place in the Northern Patagonian town of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina; the SASS Argentina program will host college students and professors as they ski and snowboard with South America’s largest guided backcountry program. Nicole Ferguson, Vice President for Sierra Nevada College was excited at the opportunity the new partnership presents: “This will allow students from any college to earn summer college credits with SNC while learning from avalanche safety professionals in real winter conditions… all while skiing or snowboarding and experiencing a new culture and language.”

SASS Argentina is a full service, big-mountain, backcountry, skiing and snowboarding camp for all ages. SASS takes advantage of the full-on winter conditions to experience powder in the middle of the North American summer. Operating from the base of Catedral Alta Patagonia, South America’s largest single resort, SASS boasts an all-star lineup of pro coaches and guides (including Garrett Russell, Robin van Gyn, Andrew Burns and Tahoe’s own Michelle Parker). Students will gain big-mountain experience and accomplish their goals while skiing or snowboarding in small guided groups, all while earning credits and developing avalanche safety skills.

Courses are offered during the first two weeks of the SASS Argentina program, from August 2nd to August 16, 2014. Program information and registration is available online.