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February 12th, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Russians translate American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg

Classic Jimmy!

From Jimmy Kimmel Live on Youtube:

Translators in Russia have been having a tough time converting the slang of American snowboarders into something Russians will understand. After they translated the latest press conference from English to Russian, we translated it back to English to see how they did.

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Russians Translate American Snowboarder

February 11th, 2014

Twitter Olympics: The best darn tweets from men’s Olympic snowboard halfpipe

Probably the most entertaining part of watching the finals of the Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe at the Olympics in Sochi was following along on twitter to see who was tweeting what when shit went down.

Here is a list of my favorite tweets from Men’s Halpipe finals in somewhat of a chronological order from when it started:

February 11th, 2014

Time to boycott? Snowboarders in Sochi deserve better.

In case you’ve somehow missed it, horror stories have been pouring out of Sochi on a daily basis, the most recent exposing the sorry state of Sochi’s snowboarding venues.

It all began last week, as riders deemed Sochi’s slopestyle course ‘sketchy’ and ‘dangerous,’ concerns which were soon corroborated by Torstein Horgmo’s Olympics-ending collar bone break during practice, followed by a horrific crash that had Finnish rider Marika Enne carried off of the course on a stretcher,  and cemented by Shaun White’s choice to ditch the contest entirely. Slope riders were vocal, and it paid off, as the course underwent a makeover before any medal runs were put down.

Once slopestyle wrapped, the spotlight shifted to the halfpipe and its high-flying fiends as they began to prep for the big show. Almost instantaneously, an influx of issues commanded attention, as Danny Davis, Hannah Teter, Ben Kilner & many more spoke out against the pipe, calling it “garbage” and “crappy” — not quite the Olympic stage anyone hoped for.

Riders, coaches, and media alike have long questioned the FIS and IOC’s decision to forgo hiring industry leader Snow Park Technologies (SPT) to build the Olympic pipe in favor of New Zealand based Development Snowparks. What many see as a scheme to save a dime has had terrible consequences for the halfpipe riders who have pushed themselves physically and mentally, and have no-doubt paid off some serious hospital bills, in an effort to make it to Sochi. Their skills are undoubtedly compromised by such conditions, adding even more irony to the claim that the Olympics will showcase the best snowboarding in the world.

Exhibit A: Taylor Gold posted this Instagram after one disappointing pipe practice:

Pipe here is better for a slash than anything else. #mogulfield #roadtoSPT Photo: @gregbretzz

Pipe here is better for a slash than anything else. #mogulfield #roadtoSPT Photo: @gregbretzz

The stage has been set, the characters cast; you have your villains, the money-hoarding IOC and FIS committees, taking full advantage of our heroes, a soulful gaggle of snowboarders just trying to earn their craft the attention and respect it deserves. The slopestyle course proved highly dangerous; the halfpipe a slushy, sugary mess, complete with bump-ridden transfers. Would this stand if we were talking about figure skaters dealing with slushy ice? Not a chance.

It seems that the situation in Sochi provides a prime opportunity for riders to come together and take a stand against what they clearly see as the mistreatment of themselves and their sport. The Olympics and snowboarding’s relationship has been turbulent since day one, with legendary riders like Terje Haakonsen unflinchingly condemning the whole affair as a scheme by the IOC and its affiliates to get a hold of snowboarding’s demographic and viewers, and at the end of the day, an obscene amount of cash flow. Still, the carrot dangled in front of snowboarding has proved far to tempting to deny, as global recognition, sponsors, national pride, and the idea of winning that prized gold medal stand to be won.

WATCH: Behind the cover of the Olympic Issue with Terje Haakonsen

So, now what? The opportunity for a full-on boycott has come and gone, and what we’ve been left with a slew of press conference and social media outbursts that have done little in the way of encouraging any actual chance. Sure, people are mad, and yeah, the pipe cutters had a fire lit under their butts to get the pipe up to par, but finals are still going down (literally, as I write), and the IOC is getting all the viewers it wants. Probably more, considering the uproar over the horrible condition of the pipe. The end result of all this tweeting and scoffing, however? A still slushy pipe, less than stoked competitors, and untainted success for the big wigs in charge.

It seems to me, though I’m no more than a highly opinionated on-looker, that now’s the time for snowboarders to step up and do something. To push back against organizations that seem to be stomping all over them, and, if snowboarding should remain an Olympic sport, demand the same pristine venues guaranteed to athletes in other sports. Snowboarding is on a global stage now, churning out sweethearts daily— Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson, for starters, and I for one am very happy to have them as faces of slope riding— and the timing could not be better to make the point that snowboarding has been treated by the IOC and FIS like a misbehaving stepchild, an opportunity to save a buck while reaping the benefits of riders’ talent and popularity.

Olympic Halfpipe veteran Steve Fisher hit the nail on the head this morning, tweeting:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.57.22 AM

These riders fought incredibly hard to make their way onto the Olympic stage, and it has become pointedly clear that they aren’t being shown the appreciation and respect they have undoubtedly earned. The committees in charge are stoked,  they’re raking in viewers. Any hope for change sits squarely upon the riders’ shoulders, and here’s hoping the sorry state of Sochi’s halfpipe is just the catalyst to put things in motion.

February 11th, 2014

Watch Sage Kotsenburg’s winning Olympic slopestyle run

Screen shot from NBC's birds eye view Sage's winning Olympic Slopestyle Run

Screen shot from NBC’s birds eye view of Sage’s winning Olympic Slopestyle Run

When the Olympics hit every four years, it’s a struggle to, one, see them live when there is a timezone difference between the host city and where you are located and, two, watch replays of the action if you missed it because NBC loves to tape delay and hit you with it during prime time. Even though this year you can watch the games live online if you are a TV subscriber.

That said, NBC has posted up a birds eye view of Sage Kotsenburg’s winning Olympic run from Sochi, Russia if you missed it… And it’s littered with gold.

What to watch for: Sage’s insane cab double cork 1260 Holy Crail on the first jump along with his huge 1620 Japan on the last jump.

As NBC won’t let anyone embed Olympic video, you’ll have to click here to watch it on their site. But don’t worry, it’s worth it.

February 11th, 2014

Hannah Teter named to Ask Men’s top 99 most desirable women of 2014

Ask Men has put together it’s Most Desirable Women of 2014 list with Olympic snowboarder, Hannah Teter, coming in at number 92.

Check out the video below and head over to the official page to see Hannah and the other 98 most desirable women of 2014 from Ask Men.

February 7th, 2014

Liftopia offering killer President’s Day Weekend ticket sales

In honor of President’s Day Weekend, and the unreal amount of snow that has been hitting resorts across the country, Liftopia is offering up some sweet deals on lift tickets. Here’s what they’ve got going on:

Sample deals include:

— Save 44% at Arapahoe Basin, CO with 3-day lift tickets starting at $139
— At Snow Valley, CA save 40% with lift tickets starting at $34
— At Sun Valley, ID save 30% on a three out of five day pass starting at 218.99
— Save 28% on night skiing lift tickets at Timberline Lodge, OR with prices starting at $18
— At Copper Mountain, CO save 28% with lift tickets starting at $85
— Save 22% on two-day lift tickets at Tremblant, Quebec with prices starting at $111
— Save 22% at Winter Park, CO with lift tickets starting at $85
— Save 21% at Sunday River, ME with single day lift tickets starting at $69
— At Gunstock, NH save 20% with one day lift tickets starting at $60
— Save 18% on an eight-hour Flex Lift Ticket at Devils Head, WI with prices starting at $37
— Save 18% at Park City, UT with lift tickets starting at $86
— Save 17% on two-day lift tickets at Revelstoke, British Columbia with prices starting at $115

February 7th, 2014

The IOC decides “Sarah” stickers are political propaganda, ban them from the Games. We call bullshit.

With the Opening Ceremony over and done with, the real world, and the real state of Sochi has once again taken center stage. For those of you who have been enjoying the ever-entertaining @SochiProblems Twitter account, you already have an idea of some of the absurd issues people are having in Sochi. Today, Torah Bright shed light on yet another one— this one not as much humorous as it is embarrassing for those in charge. As Torah explains via a post on her Instagram:

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 1.33.04 PM“Tonight marks the beginning of the 2014 Olympic Games. I am at these Olympics for multiple reason. Firstly, to represent my country and share with the world the sport which has blessed my life with beauty and joy. I am also here to honor my great friend Sarah Burke who left this world two years ago. I ride with a Sarah sticker on my snowboard and helmet always. The IOC however, consider Sarah stickers “a political statement” and have banned them. WOW. Sarah is a beautiful, talented, powerful women, who’s spirit inspires me still. She is a big reason why skier pipe/slope are now Olympic events…”

To snowboarders and skiers alike, Sarah Burke was and continues to be nothing short of an inspiration. Sarah was a trail-blazer, a beloved member of the freeskiing community who fought tooth and nail to earn her sport the respect and attention it deserved. Sarah’s efforts paid off, as can be gleaned from the fact that both slopestyle and halfpipe skiing are now Olympic sports, recognized and respected on a global scale.

After her tragic passing, the snowboarding and skiing communities found a way to continuously remind the world of Sarah’s impact, and to keep her memory alive, creating “Celebrate Sarah” stickers that can be found plastered on boards, skis & helmets across both industries. Now, as the very event Sarah fought so hard to be included in is going down in Sochi, those stickers have been banned by the IOC. Apparently, honoring someone’s memory is now a “political statement,” and one unfit to deface the precious facade of the Olympic Games.

Political statement? We’re sorry, but it seems to us that the one ‘statement’ Sarah put so much time and energy into making was that her sport deserved global recognition, which it is receiving, at this moment, as skiers walk alongside their countrymen in the Opening Ceremony; as they prep to compete against an international field in the days to come. It seems that now is the time, more than ever before, to celebrate Sarah Burke and the role she played in getting these talented athletes the support and appreciation they have long deserved.

If you want to talk political statements, IOC, take a look at those being made by Putin — the vicious anti-gay sentiments that have been shamelessly expressed for months, or, perhaps it’s time to fully address the fact that terrorist threats have been plaguing the Games since day one.

Now these are political issues that should be more adequately addressed by a committee that seeks to host on a safe, peaceful, international gathering. The IOC banning stickers that celebrate the life of a woman who was a dear friend and role-model to riders around the world simply highlights the short-comings and embarrassing ignorance that are beginning to define the 2014 Winter Games.

February 5th, 2014

Ride Snowboards Taps Diane Egnatz to Lead Outerwear Growth and Development

Ride has announced the promotion of Diane Egnatz to Outerwear Category Manager.

All details provided in the press release below:

SEATTLE, Wash. (Jan. 31, 2014) – Ride Snowboards, an established leader in the snowboard industry, is beefing up its outerwear division. Today, Ride announces the promotion of Diane Egnatz to Outerwear Category Manager. Egnatz possesses a wealth of brand experience, outerwear design knowledge, and industry acumen that will help fuel Ride’s fashionable and functional outerwear line into the future.

“Both the Ride and Cappel outerwear programs have a great legacy of fashion-forward style and attitude and I’m excited for the opportunity to integrate these with market leading technical performance,” said Egnatz. “Between the talents of our outerwear team, and the legacy of the Ride brand, we have the tools necessary to push the product to the next level.”
Having spent the past few years immersed with the brand and the Ride and Cappel outerwear lines, Egnatz has more than a decade of experience developing performance outerwear products. Before arriving at Ride in 2011, she was an integral part of the successful First Ascent outerwear launch. Prior to that, Egnatz was on the East Coast designing performance apparel for RailRiders Adventure clothing. Throughout her career, she has worked with world-class mountain guides, athletes, and military professionals to develop cutting edge products. Egnatz is excited to bring those technical skills to the Ride outerwear program.

“We’re excited to add Diane’s technical expertise and product management skills to a team of outstanding outerwear designers,” said Mark Zwahlen, Ride Product Director. “We’re looking forward to seeing a new standard for attention to detail, quality, and refinement that will set the Ride and Cappel outwear programs apart.”

February 5th, 2014

Shaun White officially pulls out of Olympic slopestyle

It looks like Shaun White has officially opted out of Olympic Slopestyle according to his most recent Facebook post. Here’s what he had to say:


I’m sure riders are stoked Sr. Blanco is out, giving them a better chance to hear their countries’ national anthem atop the podium. But one Canadian, that being Seb Toots, had this to say via twitter:


His only focus now: Halfpipe, where he will focus all his attention and is the obvious favorite to win. Although, I would love to see Danny Davis in the number one spot.

February 4th, 2014

Shaun White falls, hurts wrist on ‘intimidating’ Olympic slopestyle course

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

Shaun White, Tuesday, fell and hit his wrist while training on the ‘intimidating’ Olympic slopestyle course. He apparently slipped on some ice he didn’t see while on approach to one of the jumps.

According to USA Today, “It’s one of those things that is going to be annoying, but I don’t think it will affect my performance.” Said White.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this “small” injury affects his performance come Thursday’s qualifying event.

In related news, Norway’s Torstein Horgmo fell on the opening rail of the slopestyle course and broke his collar bone; he’s officially out of Olympic slopestyle.