Positive vibes are flowing for our friend Luke Mitrani – Heal fast!

September 3rd, 2013 by

Positive vibes go out to our friend Luke Mitrani. Heal up quickly!

Here’s what Luke had to say on Instagram about the accident:

Hey guys i wanted to let you know im doing much better & the past two days have been terrifying..i fell in the halfpipe two days ago and landed on my back…I was paralyzed for the first minutes…slowly got the feeling back & than got air lifted on a 2 hour helicopter ride to Christchurch… Surgery consisted of them taking part of my hip bone out & than cutting my throat to replace & stabilize my neck (C5)…Thanks to everyone for the love & good vibes!!! Im So grateful to say that im gonna be okay…Appreciate every second of this life while we have it!!! – Squid

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