The Main Event at Bretton Woodstock

The Main Event for 2012 wrapped up in proper fashion with the most progressive course in the contest's history. At the top of course was a 50 foot plus step up jump that led into the boxing ring start area for the rail, box, heavyweight punching bag and 12 foot vitaminwater wall ride; to say the riders were stoked would be a major understatement.

Although the weather was challenging with a huge white cloud covering the Bretton Woods skies slowing down the riders pointing it into the step up jump, the real shredders brought their "A Game" busting out chicken wings, back 180 tai-pans, 900s and backside rodeos. Top standout was George Scott throwing down a backside 540 shifty; earning him the super limited (only 1,000 made) Nike Quickstrike Boot. On the women's side Kara Field stole the show with a huge back flip, which was rewarded with Most Progressive Women's Trick of the Day, and The Main Event Engraved Gold Nixon Watch.

Moving down the course to the rail garden, the riders met up with announcer Avert Guldemond, Director of The Main Event Brandon Halberstadt and the two judges Ryan Manning and Ryan Stefani inside the boxing ring. The bottom half the course was explained during the meeting, and then opened to the riders to begin an hour plus jam slaughter session. And once again Parker Szumowski was charging the hardest and hitting every single obstacle on course especially the Nike heavyweight bag built by Andrew Mutty, founder of The Main Event and Josh Lempert of Snow Grind. For his relentless assault on the rail garden Parker is going to The Face-Off at Boreal Courtesy of Arbor Snowboarders.

New to the rail garden this year was the vitaminwater bottle being built as a wall ride to determine the highest air for a year's supply of vitaminwater, and although several riders were charging hard, Donny Noble of Maine blasted above the vitaminwater bottle and took home top honors! Another standout was Travis Neuenhaus and his one-footer off the rail earning him The Main Event Engraved Gold Nixon Watch.

When all was said and done, Ezra Racine ran away with the overall heavyweight men's title belt, wild card into the 2012 US Open and additionally was awarded with best overall rider of both contests which has him going to Argentina this summer courtesy of SGT. Joining him in Argentina this summer will be Lily Calabrese for best overall female rider of both contests as she placed second at the Hip Hop Rail Jam and stepped up her game one more notch at Bretton Woodstock taking home the women's title belt and a wild card into the 2012 US Open. Rounding out top honors was Jasper Tripp in the lightweight men's for straight owning the jump and rail garden for his division.

Big ups to Brad Shedd, Blake Roberts and the entire crew at Bretton Woods for helping take The Main Event to another level in 2012 with our best course and rider driven contest to date. Additional thank you shout outs need to go to Josh Lempert of Snow Grind and the entire The Main Event staff for working around the clock, including until 3:30am the day of Bretton Woodstock to get the course into prime time shape.

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