Trollhaugen opening weekend with 1817

1817 is at the epicenter of progressive rail riding in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and Trollhaugen has become home to so many snowboarders looking to step up their jib game. You get a lot better when you can fit in 10 times more laps than at a large terrain park and the setup is always on point.

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From 1817 via Vimeo:

Trollhaugen has opened it’s doors to the die hard group of us that get excited about a small patch of snow packed with 10 rails and 300 kids. I’m amazed every year at how these guys jump right back into boarding day 1. Already looking forward to an amazing season.

Riders: Austin Young, Cody Beiersdorf, Oliver Dixon, Sam Bakken, Peter Limbergh, Kyle Kennedy, Tony Wagner, Jesse Paul, Mike Skiba, Jeffy Gabrick, Benny Milam, Jake Antisdel


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