Bataleon Balder Jacket

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Hell yeah Bataleon came out with an outerwear line; your dreams have finally come true! Keep those tears of joy rolling down while your dome implodes on how righteous the Bataleon Balder Jacket is…BOOM. With Stay-In-Place-Fit™ and a relaxed military cut, the pilot of the Balder jacket can tweak out, flip, grab and scorpion in a longer, roomier style without his jacket riding up. By having a whole slew of pockets you can horde all the Cheetos and Chewy bars you want while you’re greasing rails, bonking tanks and swiveling disco floors. Sport the Bataleon Balder Jacket with a fatty logo posted up on the back, and let everyone know you pounced on Bataleon’s new outerwear line like a hungry jungle cat.

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  • $151.86