Bataleon Distortia Snowboard – Women’s

MSRP: $399.95
Get it for: $299.96

If people have never looked at you while you’re cruisin’ through the park and thought “that girl is killin’ it!” then it’s about time you changed something up. Start your personal snowboard revolution with the Bataleon Distortia Snowboard. The Distortia is constructed with the Core Core that combines poplar with hardwood reinenforcements to increase core strength and give you added power. Combine that with the Twin TBT™ shape and you’ll have a board that is perfect for either slammin’ rails or rocketing through the air. When you take your laps in the park people should be in awe of your skills, not uninterested in your so-so performance. Make sure people remember you with the Bataleon Disortia Snowboard.

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  • $299.96