Bataleon Whatever Snowboard

MSRP: $399.95
Get it for: $299.96

Remember when you were a kid and you had the basic box with only 16 crayons and you were having a great time, and then that one annoying kid strolled on in with his box of 120 crayons with colors ranging from Shamrock to Canary? Well, the the Bataleon Whatever Snowboard is like the box of 120 crayons. The Whatever is ready for any type riding style you feel like doing: jibbing, park riding, freestyle, big mountain riding, powder, ice, volcanoes, rocks and whatever else you feel like taking your board on. With a Freestyle TBT™ construction and Lightning Edges, you’re sure to have the smoothest ride whether you’re on snow that’s more like Periwinkle, Timberwolf Gray or even Unmellow Yellow (what these snow conditions are we don’t know but you’ll be able to ride them, except for Unmellow Yellow, we recommend you stay away from that color of snow). Be that guy with the Bataleon Whatever Snowboard and be ready for anything.

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  • $299.96