BCA Float 18 Airbag Pack

MSRP: $685.00

The last thing you want to happen is to get swept down a two thousand foot couloir by a few metric tons of moving snow. However, if you were in a zone like that to begin with, you know that it does come with inherent risks, and in the assessment of those risks hopefully you made the decision to get an airbag equipped riding pack such as BCA’s Float 18. In addition to the peeps, probe, shovel law of the backcountry, packs such as these that deploy a floating, head protecting device are becoming more and more popular. The idea being that the brightly colored airbag is one, highly visible and two, keeps you afloat given the chaos of moving snow in an avalanche scenario. With this specific model the fact that it has become affordable, not to mention reusable is all the more reason to invest.

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