Burton Landlord Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $569.95

So there’s these guys, let’s call them Doyle and JG. They are super smart and work in a place called Craig’s, in Vermont. They construct snowboards of various shapes and sizes. Then there’s this other dude, we’ll call him Terje for the sake of simplicity. This guy is what we call a “legend” and he sometimes gives input to the other two really smart guys. Over the years, they have developed snowboards that have changed the way we ride. The new Landlord is their latest collaboration.

Part of Burton’s Family Tree series of soul sticks, something they call Balanced Freeride Geometry guides the shape of this board. In short, underfoot you will not find a more perfect feel for gliding through soft snow. Built with the surf serving S-Rocker and Infinite Ride construction, if you are planning on riding powder the next few years, a more sound investment there is not.

Pretty Much:
Fairy tale powder, whiterooms.

Not so much:
Superparks, urban environments.

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