Burton Lux Women’s Snowboard

MSRP: $379.95

Killing it softly.

At first this just looks like a really beautiful board, but upon closer inspection you’ll realize the Lux is more than just a pretty face. Graceful on any terrain and featuring the latest in women’s-focused flex, feel, and function, its premium blend naturally boosts your ability to ride faster, ollie higher, and carve with more finesse. Bottom line, whether it’s park, pow, or laid-back cruising, this is one multi-tasker everyone will enjoy.


  • Double Chair Package
  • Cruise Control
  • BEND: V-Rocker
  • SHAPE: Twin-Like
  • FLEX: Directional
  • CORE: NEW Women’s-Specific True Flex Super Fly® Core
  • BASE: Extruded
  • EXTRAS: Pro-Tip™

ARTIST: Maurizio Molin [www.tablefortwodesign.com]

Feel: 3

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