CAPiTA x Volcom Dan Brisse DBX Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $499.95
Get it for: $336.90
Lengths: 3

It seems like every day there’s a bright-eyed kid from Middle America moving west to live the snowboarding dream.

Some of them could be lucky enough to land a sponsorship. A select few might even build a name for themselves.

But, it’s not every day that one of those kids makes it to a level that commands universal respect as one of the gnarliest power riders of the modern era.

Dan Brisse has put his mark on the game, and it’s rare when a person that is such a BAD ASS is such a good dude at the same time. He’s not a shit talker. He does not spend time hating on the Internet. If you like his snowboarding, or don’t, he’s fine with it. Not to say he doesn’t care about the impression he’s leaving. He does. But what he really cares about are cheeseburgers. No lettuce, no tomato. Just meat, cheese, bun and a lot of ketchup. He cares about his friends, his mom, his dad, his brother George, and his wife.

And he cares about snowboarding. He lives it. He breathes it. He is proof that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you know. Everything is possible.

It is for these reasons that the CAPiTA Super Corporation has extended the arm of friendship to a little brand called Volcom Stone to develop Dan’s very first Pro Model.

Board by CAPiTA. Graphics by Volcom. Ridden by Dan Brisse.

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