Carrera Chopper Air SPH Black Matte Logo Goggle

MSRP: $90.00


  • ANTIFOG TREATMENT: Anti-fog treatment on the lenses prevents moisture formation.
  • ANTI-SCRATCH & HYDROPHOBIC COATING:  Special scratch resistance and water/sweat repellent treatments on the lenses guarantee clear vision and easy cleaning.
  • PASSIVE VENTILATION: Increases  fresh air circulation to keep the inner lens dry and fog-free.
  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS:  Light conditions change throughout  the day so Carrera’s photochromic lenses adjust to guarantee optimum visibility, whatever the weather.
  • POLARIZED LENS: Carrera’s polarized lenses increase colour perception and sharpness for improved sporting performance.
  • OUTRIGGER: The goggle connecting system is engineered for perfect fit with or without a helmet so goggles sit comfortably;  whatever the shape of your face.

Lenses: Super Rosa Polar, Silver Flash, Super Rosa, Yellow Spectra, Sky Spectra, Super Rosa Photo-C, Red Spectra

Price:  € 90-110

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