Carrera Makani Helmet

MSRP: $149.00


  • REMOVABLE LINING: The inner anti-allergy lining is removable and washable.
  • REMOVABLE EAR PAD: The ear-pads are removable and washable.
  • DRY WAVE: Drywave is a fabric that allows humidity to migrate towards the outer shell, keeping the user dry and comfortable.
  • VENTURY VENTILATION: Three air channels run through the whole helmet, creating a constant vacuum that continuously pulls fresh air in and extracts humidity from the helmets and goggles.
  • HYBRID SHELL: Integrates in-mould technology with a ABS shell to deliver superior lightweight performance and maximum protection in all conditions.
  • ACTIVE VENTILATION: Three easy movements open and close 12 air vents allowing variable air intake control.
  • ROTEX: A micrometrical fit is essential for helmet comfort and safety. The Rotex fitting system gives perfect tension for best fit and stability. The system has been developed with a single-handed operation dial located in the padding.

Colors: Matte White, Black Matte, Light Blue Shiny, Orange Shiny, Black Matte Poker

Price: € 149

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