Contour ROAM Camera

MSRP: $199.99

Hands-free, high quality and affordable: that's the name of the game for the newly released ContourROAM.

The ROAM is all about simplicity. The camera doesn't even a "power button." You simply slide the record bar forward, and the unit comes to life and starts recording. When you're done shooting, simply slide it back and it powers down. No confusing buttons or settings, just plain' old easy. With approximately 3 hours of battery life, you won't miss a beat.

The new body feels rock solid in your hand so you know the device can take some abuse. The ROAM sports a 170 degree super wide angle lens that rotates 180 degrees making for some creative shot opportunities. You'll shoot clear, crisp video with multiple modes including: 1080 @ 30/25fps, 960 @ 30/25fps, 720 @ 30/25fps; the camera also features a 5MP photo mode.

The ROAM doesn't stop there. It's waterproof up to 1 meter and has an updated laser from the 2 dot format to a straight-across beam. They added a built-in tripod mount never before scene on their cameras to help keep those shots steady. The mic is in the same spot but it is slightly muffled due to the waterproof feature. But don't worry it will still capture all that ambient background sound. The front flush lens makes sure you never have snow or debris blocking the lens.

At $199.99, this is the most affordable POV helmet camera on the market, yet there's nothing cheap about it.

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