DC Terrain Boot

MSRP: $299.00

Over the last 10 years, snowboard boots have been increasingly subjected to futuristic designs — more cables, Velcro and Storm Trooper look-alikes. This year DC has broken that mold and taken aesthetics back to the basics and back in time with the Terrain Boot. Resembling a pair of vintage hiking boots, the Terrain lo oks as if the design came from a trusty cobbler working at the foot of the Matterhorn. However, its innards are crammed with technology that may overshadow the humble cobblers abilities. A erotech venting throughout makes the boot constantly breathe meaning no more manky foot syndrome. It is also equipped with Wrap Lock lace hardware and Direct Power Lacing for a more precise fit with no slippage. Now you can worry about at tacking the cliff line you’re facing, instead of sloppy boots. Finally, DC’s Boa operated Winch system cranks down on the in-step to rid your life of the ever-feared heel lift. With a 9/10-flex rating, these things are made for an aggressive and precise rider. For boots that look like they were yanked off a Swiss hiker, the Terrain’s feature technology made for sending it — as in Torstein Horgmo triple cork sending it.

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