Endeavor Color Snowboard

MSRP: $425.00
Get it for: $254.97

Rubber Sidewall Inlays: Designed to take impact from rails or other objects, the rubber sidewall inlay works as a bumper to prevent sidewall cracks and also works to dampen vibrations on hard snow under foot where high-frequency vibrations can cause leg fatigue.

3mm Reverse Camber: Endeavor’s Reverse Camber is a subtle 3mm concave or arching profile that curves upward. The idea is to reduce the pressure on the contact point of the board and make it feel both looser and more fun to ride.

Carbon Beams: Carbon is used to stiffen the board in specific locations without adding any additional weight. It also drastically increases the performance of the board by making it more responsive and by adding memory and Pop.

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