Endeavor Diamond Snowboard

MSRP: $449.00

Zero Camber w/ DowTech & Flat Kicked Nose and Tail: The best of both worlds. With no pressure on the contact points due to the raised wings, this board feels loose and catch-free like a reverse camber board; however it remains more stable and predictable like a regular camber board. Because of the quick radius to flat on the nose and tail, the effective edge runs further than a traditional snowboard. This means the rider can drop 2cm in length and still have the same control.

Carbon Beams: Carbon is used to stiffen the board in specific locations without adding any additional weight. It also drastically increases the performance of the board by making it more responsive and by adding memory and Pop.

Sintered 7500 Base: Hands down it’s the fastest base with high wax absorption, vibrant sublimated graphics, and superior durability.

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