Endeavor New Standard Snowboard

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Zero Camber w/ DT2 & Flat Kicked Nose and Tail: DT2 takes the success of DowTech to a new level by adding extra rise and by extending the zones for an even more loose and fun riding zero camber board that is still able to maintain superior edge hold. Because of the quick radius to flat on the nose and tail, the effective edge runs further than a traditional snowboard. This means the rider can drop 2cm in length and still have the same control.

Rubber Sidewall Inlays: Designed to take impact from rails or other objects, the rubber sidewall inlay works as a bumper to prevent sidewall cracks and also works to dampen vibrations on hard snow under foot where high-frequency vibrations can cause leg fatigue.

Rail Ready Detune: By creating an edge bevel around the full perimeter of the board, getting hooked on rails and boxes becomes a thing of the past.

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