Flow Darwin Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $649.00

Even ol’ Chuck Darwin knew that in order for a species to stay afloat it needed to adapt. Whether or not that old timey beard and crazy eye extended Charlie’s lifespan is up for argument, but it may have played a role in people listening to his ramblings. Fast-forward four thousand years (give or take)
and granted if he didn’t dismiss this for an alien vessel, he may have delighted in the fact that Flow bestowed their mightiest powder creation with his name.

Designed with a suspiciously broad nose, the Darwin seeks refuge in an environment far too hostile for other boards. Utilizing Flow’s 2 Piece A.B.T. base construction (think tracking element meets vibration dampener), which tapers down
to a unique swallowtail, this beauty floats through deep snow with zero effort. However developed this board is for powder survival, it still relies on some mildly modified traits of its ancestors like a three phased core profile that provides a rockered nose, camber under foot and is flat between the bindings for solid performance regardless of the snow density.

Pretty Much:
Cold smoke, hot-pow, quantum leaps.

Not So Much:
Switch, jibs, devolution.

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