Flow NX2 GT Binding

MSRP: $369.00

Snowboarders regularly stare down features that stir up intense fear and excitement — an 80-foot jump that has riders clamping their ratchets tighter the length of the in run. When it’s finally your turn, you follow suit and crank down the bindings until you feel the familiar pain you associate with performance. If only there were a binding that we could set once and ride in comfort — oh wait, there is.

The NX 2 GT was designed to keep you comfortable, as well as secure when you’re facing possible dismemberment. The Active HYBRID PowerCapStrap provides a responsive, lightweight anchor to keep you feeling your board, not your straps. Combined with Flow’s N.A.S.T.Y. and LSR-buckles you are now able to utilize SpeedEntry or traditional SideEntry with the set-and-forget ease that Flow is known for.

OC-Kush base pads absorb chatter and harsh landings, while 2.5 degree BankBeds keep your legs at ease. And with rockered baseplates, board contact is minimized and energy is transferred to the edge to support quick adjustments. In short, the NX2 GT is ready for liftoff.

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