Flow NXT-FSE Binding

MSRP: $360.00

You deserve the best, that’s why Flow is bringing the heat this 2011-12 season. The NXTFSE binding is packed with fancy features that are diffi cult to comprehend, so let’s break down how they work. SpeedEntry is the fastest in and out system from Flow to date. The Kick-Lock-Drop system allows you to simply snap and unlock in and out without blinking an eye. The fully Reclining Hiback with a PowerTriangle secures your foot effortlessly. A one-piece PowerStrap makes for optimal security and comfort throughout the day. The three-piece hiback offers the TWEAK.7 SupportPanel making flexing a breeze and also allows for simple hiback rotation. Top it off with tool-less adjustment and it’s like you traded your Subi in for a Benz.

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