Flow One Hitter Boots – 2014

MSRP: $199.99

Providing a discrete alternative to smoking a giant spliff, using a one hitter is generally the method of approach utilized by secret smokers and sketchy types. That being said, we had a hard time finding where to load
your stash on this boot. We did find features like nifty micro-adjusting Velcro do-whippy’s complimenting the standard lacing system for on the fly fine-tuning, as well as a similar cuff regulator. We found that for an urban/ park boot these were some of the most comfortable on the scene, providing an
easy, even flex that was both tweakable and supportive. Besides that, there are some fairly simple components like cushy EVA heel inserts and an integrated internal lacing system that get the job done with proven, effective means.

Pretty Much
Mellow parks laps, pre-rollers.

Not So Much
Hardpack slashing, uptight cops.

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