Go Pro LCD BacPac

MSRP: $80.00

Don’t you hate waiting to find out if you nailed the shot or not? Rejoice with GoPro’s LCD BacPac™, the removable screen that will make your life simpler. Easily attach the LCD screen to your GoPro HD Hero to relive what you’ve shot or use as a live view screen while you record. With four different backdoor housings attachments (waterproof and non-waterproof standard or wristmount), you’ll have a perfectly framed shot every time. You’ll be laughing at the ease of controls as you watch what you’ve shot right in the field. Play, fast forward and fast rewind all with one button. Flip through the camera settings so you know what you’re shooting and be in the know on battery life and camera resolution. The GoPro BacPac™ is a must have if you want to step up your video game.

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