Homeschool Revolve Pant

MSRP: $275.00

Homeschool Snowboarding’s Revolve Pant is for the serious snowboarder who’s down to snowboard in whatever weather: snowstorm, hailstorm or thunderstorm. These are not for the fl amboyant fashionista that you only see on bluebird days. When it comes to their HSS Engineered Fit the brand suggests, “These aren’t costumes. If you want to wear it big or tight then size up or size down.” The Revolve Pant has Xcelerator Technology to keep you dry and a comfortable temperature in all conditions, RECCO in case you take your adventure a little too far, and an Adjustable Inner Waistband if you need to expand a bit after happy hour. No tackiness, no fake gimmicks, no bull. Cheers to that!

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