Homeschool With Teeth Shell Jacket

MSRP: $325.00

Homeschool’s motto is, “If it works in the Northwest, it will work anywhere.” They got it right with that one, and that’s why they use Xcelerator Technology. The Cocona Fabric uses active carbon particles from coconuts and other natural sources. The microfi bers speed up moisture evaporation when they feel it coming on. Moisture can only get out one way. With this approach, sweat doesn’t get trapped inside and snow or rain doesn’t seep in. The Hater Hood is brilliant too because you don’t need to wear an annoying scarf. Simply zip all the way up leaving just your goggles to poke out. Rain, sleet, hail, snowstorm, tornado, bring it all on. This jacket will protect you from whatever crosses your path, so you can do what you love doing.

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