The House of Marley Jammin’ Bag of Rhythm Portable Speakerbag

MSRP: $299.99

Let Bob’s spirit, way of thinking and music go with you wherever you go, speaking the words of togetherness and love. This speaker bag provides the way to do that. It’s made from natural FSC-certified wood products and the bag is made from cotton. It’s equipped with an iPod™ and iPhone™ docking and charging station, FM radio and 4-inch speakers with a 1-inch tweeter that plays the music loud and proud.


  • Two 4-inch speakers, two 1–inch tweeters at 32 watts, 60 Hz-20kHz and DSP Sound Processing reproduces strong, high-quality high and low sounds.
  • iPod™ and iPhone™ docking and charging allows for easy access to your portable music while keeping your device powered.
  • Dual battery power and AC adapter for cordless mobility and power saving.
  • Recyclable plastic housing that’s high quality, adds to durability and keeps materials out of the waste stream.
  • We’ve taken great care to create high-quality products that are good for the world. The same care went into our packaging. It’s made from pulp, recycled plastics and recycled paper, and less of them, to cut down on what goes in the waste stream. We urge you to please recycle these packages.


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