K2 Hurrithane

MSRP: $160.00

In recent years snowboarders have begun to reap the same benefits of the wonder polymer urethane that skateboarders have lived and died with for decades. In the Hurrithane’s case it is used in the highback, or what K2 has aptly renamed the TWEAKBACK due to the pliable nature of urethane. What does this mean? In terms we can all understand–maximum freestyle flexibility when tweaked side to side, yet incredible stability when engaged in turns.

In short, the TWEAKBACK was engineered to bend one way but not so much the other. If you have ever boned out a melon grab or crooked out a nose press, you can understand this benefit. The Hurrithane promises to add substantial gain to your degree of tweak. Proven comfort with a traditional strap design and the team favorite Pro-Fusion Chasis round out K2’s best park binding.
– ND

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