Jones Aviator Snowboard – 2014

MSRP: $529.00

Here we have the new Aviator from Jones Snowboards, a company run by a man who admittedly cares less about profit margins than the way his boards ride. While this uncompromising attitude most likely drives his financial advisors shitty, it does provide a product that earns nothing but respect among passionate riders.

The newest in a fleet of war craft renowned for their performance, the Aviator is likely one of the most aggressive snowboards ever constructed. Built with the snappy, yet forgiving 3D Power Camber, this missile cracks ollies and accelerates out of turns
like an old school dogfighter. Given a two-degree base bevel around all four contact points on the tip and tail there is still an allowance for minor miscalculations in coordinates. This board wants to attack so be forewarned, if you have any confidence issues engaging in this kind of battle is ill advised.

Pretty Much:
Owns groomers, halfpipes, kamikaze airs.

Not So Much:
Rails, Kiddy Park, surrender.

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  • $529.00

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