Kicker iKick501 Docking System

MSRP: $280.00

Do you want to have a sick party with cool people, good booze and awesome music, but can’t afford a legit DJ? Well, Kicker feels you, and that’s why they offer the iKick501 Docking System for your iPod or iPhone. It’s probably better than a DJ anyway because you can make your own playlist on your iPod, so your preferred song list is guaranteed. With a six-inch square refl ex subwoofer, five-inch woofers and 3/4 –inch tweeters you can expect quality booming sound. The iKick501 even has a composite video outpost so that whatever video, photo slide show, or music content you have on your iPod or iPhone can be projected onto large screens. Complete with a remote and rotary control knobs, you just saved yourself some big bucks. Rock on, party people.

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