Kicker SubStation Powered Subwoofer

MSRP: $580.00

Just what you need: the ability (for your friends) to get crunk in your car, which would be nothing without the Kicker SubStation™ Powered Subwoofer. A step above the Kicker Solo Classic™ subwoofer, the SubStation™ combines that technology with a 450-watt amp in a confined space for ultimate power. Weighing 40 pounds and compact enough to save room for other junk in your trunk, you will appreciate how easy it is to install with the Quick-Connect Power Plug, Signal Harness and Built-In Handles.

As you would want, it also has Crossover, 0-180° Phase Reversal, and Bass Boost for precise system tuning. Crack your tinted windows while peering out with your shades, and let your car talk for itself.

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