Lib Tech Hot Knife C3 BTX – 2014

MSRP: $519.95

Let’s imagine for a moment that snow had feelings, like it felt your edges cut into it as if you drug a serrated knife across your back at 40 miles an hour repeatedly, for days on end. Then let’s think of how it would feel when, instead of us experiencing shame and remorse for our cruelty we just laugh and slap high fives as we do. Upon further analysis, that’s not too different from how we treat each other, but thankfully snow lacks a central nervous system.

By its name alone, the NEW Hot Knife would imply the most cruel snow torture device ever implemented and in many cases we would have to agree. With the invention of C3 BTX by their legion of weird wizards, Lib Tech has unleashed their most powerful board to date with the same catch free action as their other bananas but with improved edge hold and stability for more aggressive riders. Also, Bio-Plastic Beans topsheet and Basalt construction make this one of the most eco-friendly boards on the market, despite its malicious intent.

Pretty Much:
Men, those unafraid of speed and power.

Not So Much:

Dryslopers, weak-minded individuals.

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