Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon

MSRP: $490.00

The Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon: Fast. Effective. Versatile. This 3 antenna beacon leads the industry in ease of use in its intuitive “Basic” mode with a super clear distance readout and single arrow directional display that novices can use easily with pinpoint accuracy. “Advanced” mode users have more search options than you can shake a probe at, including the ability to utilize analog audio signals as well as the digital readout (or even turn the digital display off and rely solely on the analog signal). The Pulse Barryvox is the only beacon currently on the market that can use Lithium batteries, which have an advantage in very cold temperatures. It’s also unique in its ability to detect a heartbeat and movement in a victim wearing another Pulse unit. This beacon will appeal to avalanche pros and tech geeks who are willing to take the time to master its use as well as those who want the option of an analog mode for superior search range or as an aid in fine search.

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