Never Summer Evo 4.0 – 2014

MSRP: $499.99

This EVO 4.0 could care less if you are going fast, cracking massive spins, riding pow with your friends or perfecting a pipe run. Whatever the snow situation, it’s going to handle it, for it is that rare breed that is hard- wired for total authority. One might liken it to a superior species of snowboard, unencumbered by feelings of any sort and owning all terrain with relative ease.

Due to its vibration dampening Harmonic Tips, this board enjoys stability at high speeds, yet remains ultra resilient when flipping off in the park. A low profile tip and tail allow for a broader contact area with the snow when loading up on ollies and superior glide when gliding through powder. If your game is transcendence, simplicity and unforced dominion of both familiar and foreign lands, look no further.

Pretty Much:
All conditions, aggressive park riding, getting your money’s worth.

Not So Much:
Baby steps, Finnish rail trips.

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